Color Me Colorful

To All My Samson’s Secret Sensations… It is time to know how to be Color Me Colorful!

You walk into a hair salon to get a cut, shampoo, blow dry, and style…..and there she is…or…they are…walking out the door with that fabulous color you have been working up the nerve to ask for…..and before the door has shut completely…you have decided that red…or blond highlights…or…purple …or whatever….may not work for you, anyway. So you push the Color Me Colorful idea to the back of your…maybe some day room….and get the usual.

Many decide to color their hair at least once in life. Sometimes it is a fresh new makeover we are seeking… other times it is a desperate cry for being noticed… and still other times it is a correction to a head full of…”What color hair do I really have situation?” So many of my customers wanted a new color that looked like a color they were born with… something their families and friends could not immediately recognize what was different about their hair.

I was able to let them know that they could refresh their natural hair color with a clear or no-color… color. Yes… a no-color… color… simply created by the hair color industry to bring dull  hair back to life with shine and vibrancy.

Unless you have a head full of all white… and I mean pure white hairs… no color is absolute. We get as close as possible.  A good colorist… I mean a great colorist… customizes for each customer… keeping records of the formula.

And once the decision has been made to jump into the ocean of color-ville… the next decision is… what color. 

Color Me Colorful….colors are either cool or warm. Once you know whether your skin tone is cool or warm….it becomes easy to choose your color. Also, combining that with primary colors in your wardrobe and makeup… the color you and your stylist chooses will be very successful.

Be very mindful of your maintenance program… all chemicals… including coloring… must have the best shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair. Use something that will protect the color. And should you be an African American… who chemically straighten, perm, chemically curl, or press & curl… dry brittle hair can be minimal when using great shampoos & conditioners that are customized for your hair.

Make your Color Me Colorful experience adventuresome, fun,  special and beautiful. I recommend you go to a wig shop and experiment with different colors… buy the color you want and wear it for a while. It will help you decide what looks best on you… this is the time to be very daring and step out of the box. And should you not like it… give it to someone or throw it away…sorry no returns on wigs and hair pieces.

For those who want to really have an adventure with their Color Me Colorful experience get several wigs and enjoy being a red head…

Monday… a blond on Tuesday… and a mixture of whatever on Friday. Sometimes a new look…a change…a makeover…a new you…only takes a little imagination and a Color Me Colorful experience.


Jacqueline Rozier aka Lady J

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Natural In Nashville Family, Welcome to Samson’s Secret!

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I am Jacqueline aka Lady J.

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Is Your hair Hungry?

Want longer hair…stronger hair…shinier hair…thicker hair…FUN hair…YOU MUST FEED IT. The hair eats last so you must eat enough nutritional food to reach the roots. What ever nutrients are left after the main organs and the systems in the body have eaten…the hair gets what remains. The nutrients travel through the blood vessels.

FEED MY HAIR…you are probably asking…Feed it what? It’s so true… you are what you feed your body. Our hair eats what we eat and therefore becomes what we eat. Poor eating habits produces poor health…which shows in our hair. Tired body… tired hair. Sick/weak body… sick/weak hair.




What you put on the hair shaft does not go into the roots….it goes into the cuticle layer and maybe the second (medulla layer) and the third (cortex layer)….supporting what you have already fed the hair root internally. It keeps the hair that has grown through the scalp…on your head. Along with eating foods that feed and support growth…use organic topical products that have been structured to penetrate the three layers of the hair shaft.

Use organic or natural shampoos and conditioner as well. And for that extra bonus…use silk or satin pillow cases to sleep on, and use no powdered detergents when laundering.

FEED YOUR HAIR by feeding your body…FIRST with Samson’s Secret, SECOND, a balanced daily intake of organic (pesticide free) fruits and vegetables, and organic proteins.  Love and notice your hair…it will tell you when it is hungry. Whatever your body is going through so is your hair.



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Ms. Shelia Clinton – TESTIMONIAL

At the age of 10 my son starting losing his hair in the back, right side close to his ear. The baldness spreaded to his hair line. I was frantic and so was he. I went to an herb store and was prescribed some steroid ointment that did not work. I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed him as having alopecia. II started to put my son on Rogaine… changed my mind and searched the internet for a real hair loss product.  I read the ingredients in Samson’s Secret tonic; tried it on his spreading baldspot and all of his hair grew back. I have been an advert user of Samson Secret for myself since the 1990′s. I use relaxers and hair dye on a regular basis. I have “NO” breakage during styling or washing; hair is fuller and I noticed the hair growth within 3 months. I can cut my hair shorter than it is and in 3 months…it’s back as it was before. I love Samson’s Secret hair tonic. It’s like oxygen to me…I need it, I use it. It’s part of my beauty regimen. I will use it forever.

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Rizwan Hamid – TESTIMONIAL


Hi! I have now been using samson secret for only a month …and it seems like your product really works. My hair has started to become more stronger, and healthier. I still loose hair, but I feel that the hairloss has been reduced. So, I am really excited about how the result will be after 3-4 months of use. I first started to loose hair at the age of 21. I noticed that my hair was getting weaker. Now I am 23, and hope that I will get my healthy hair back as it once was for 3 years ago :) I’ll be glad to come with further comments. Oslo, Norway.


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I will tell you the truth…I had tried everything under the sun to get my hair to grow back, with no luck. Most things I tried were part of a system to get hair growth, and though it made my hair stronger in seven months time, I really saw NO hair growth! But since I ordered Samson’s Secret last month, I am truly happy to have done so! I have been taking the pills faithfully and new patches of hair are coming out! I can’t believe it! I had my hair braided with spring curls two years ago, and when I took them out, my natural hair came out with them! I cried tears because I almost became bald, especially on the sides of my head! The only solution was to wear wigs! But with your wonderful product, I should hopefully be able to toss my wigs to the trash by next summer! I have been on your product about thirty-five days and the root growth is so strong and about a quarter inch long, I can barely believe my eyes! Nothing has ever worked for me like this! I am so happy and feel so good because I know I will not wear wigs forever and be ashamed of my hair so I will have to wear a hat to cover my head! God bless you all! I am your customer for life! Love you! Can’t thank you enough!


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